Risk Management
Risk Management2017-01-27T11:33:24+01:00

Studio Broggini is specialized in prevention, thanks to its deep expertise in Risk Management, where ‘risk’ means the probability that events entailing losses or damages for the company and the persons involved can occur (for example, damages to structures or persons, economic damages or damages to reputation).

The Risk Management can be defined as the system, founded on a logic and systematic method that allows, through following steps, to identify, analyse, value, eliminate and monitor the risks associated to any activity or process, in order to allow the organization to minimize the losses and maximize the opportunities.

Studio Broggini, thanks to the experience acquired and its interdisciplinary network, offers to the customer a specific consultancy in the sector, from the analysis of single problems or areas, to a general due diligence, with following planning of the action steps to monitor the business risk and reduce it as far as possible.