Tax litigation
Tax litigation2017-01-25T13:18:23+01:00

Studio Broggini, more than helping the customers in the ordinary and periodic tax fulfilments, offers a consolidated and effective capacity of intervention in case of tax litigation.

The customer is ensured the maximum assistance during inspections: Studio Broggini and its professionals become the interlocutors with the inspectors, the Financial Administration offices and the Financial Police. The stage of control is in fact crucial in the management of the following notifications.

The notifications are then analysed and Studio Broggini assists the customer during the cross-examination, with possible pre-litigation definition.

Studio Broggini can also take care – with expertise and professionalism – of the preparation of the litigation acts, such as petitions, defence briefs and integrations, assisting the customer during the debates, up to the final degree of the proceedings.

Thanks to a wide network of contacts with experts in all tax fields, the customer is offered the possibility to value and ponder all aspects of the litigation and the more suitable defence.