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After having discussed with the customer about its problems and objectives, the situation is analysed in detail and an articulated intervention plan – specifying the different stages, time and costs – is prepared.

In accordance with the customer, the inner professional more suitable depending on the customer’s needs is identified. He/she becomes the reference point (“account”) for the customer.
The “account” is responsible for the project and, when needed, he/she can decide to use Studio Broggini’s different – inner or external – specialization areas. He/she involves the customer in all important and critical stages of the project, continuously informing it about the evolution of the project.

Studio Broggini developed reference and excellent functional areas to solve all problems of the customers; the network of expertise connected to Studio Broggini allows to offer the best possible service to the customer, from an integrated and multidisciplinary point of view.

These are Studio Broggini’s characterizing and differential factors, that place it among the most articulated structures of the market of consultancy on the territory, even if it keeps a “personal and human” dimension, where the relationship between customer and professional is an essential part of the consultancy support.