Consultancies and Integrated Services

for Companies and Professionals.

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Welcome on Studio Broggini’s web site.

Studio Broggini works as a consultant for companies, professionals and private persons.

The experience, dynamism and efficiency of its founder and its partners allowed its skills to evolve from the traditional accountant area to the more critical aspects for entrepreneurs, such as:

  • business, commercial and industrial strategy;
  • organization, management and control of resources;
  • business diversification and widening;
  • accounting, financial and economic management;
  • risk and business crisis management
  • tax & law compliance.

Studio Broggini has specific and tested skills in solving problems concerning the personal and private sphere of the customer (management of assets, succession planning, intergenerational or company transfers). An integrated approach, thanks to the solid expertise network, both internal and external (partnership), allows the customer to choose inside Studio Broggini’s structure the ideal interlocutor for all its needs, who will be become its reference point (account).

The expertise,
the continuous update,
the efficiency,
the confidentiality,
the employment of the most recent technologies
and the execution speed,
represent the instinctive qualities of Studio Broggini’s performance.