Report on sustainability
Report on sustainability2017-01-27T11:49:15+01:00

The purpose of the sustainable development is “satisfying the needs of the current generation without compromising the capacity of the future ones of satisfying their needs.”

All organizations, by virtue of the central function they hold in the society, have an important role in the achievement of this objective.

However, in this epoch characterized by an economic growth with no precedents, the achievement of this objective can be more an aspiration than a reality.

The urgency and wideness of the risks and threats to our collective sustainability, as well as the increase of the possibilities of choice and opportunities, will convert the transparency on social, environmental and economic impacts into an essential component in the management of effective relationships with stakeholders, in the investment decisions and in other market relationships.

To support this expectation and to communicate in a clear and transparent way the sustainability of the single organizations, a globally shared vision of concepts, languages and standards is required. From here derives the need of a complete and shared form of reporting as to contents, the so called ‘Report on sustainability’.

The Report on sustainability consists of measuring, communicating and taking responsibilities (accountability) towards stakeholders – both internal and external – concerning the organization’s performance as to the sustainable development objective, that is divided in the three following main sectors:

  • Economic
  • Environmental
  • Social

Studio Broggini, thanks to its specific expertise in this area, assists the customer in this new reporting stage that is more and more joining and growing in the interest of the collectiveness, of national control and inspection bodies, even as a distinguishing element for the company.